7 Mistakes You Need To Avoid As A Beginner Blogger In Nepal

Most of the bloggers who are just starting out with their blogging journey in Nepal are not aware of a lot of mistakes they make.

If you have just started a blog, you should know about these mistakes. Even if you have successfully set up your blog, you might still be making these mistakes.

Blogging Mistakes

Here, we will be discussing the mistakes made by beginner bloggers in Nepal. If you have made any of these mistakes, it is time to correct them. And, if you have just started blogging, make sure you avoid them.

Let’s begin.

1. Bad Domain Name and Web Hosting

If you are new to blogging and don’t know anything about it, you can use free platforms like blogger.com, wordpress.com, and medium.com.

But if you are serious about your blogging journey, you need to have a proper domain name and web hosting.

What is a proper domain name?

A domain name is basically the name of your blog that appears on the URL of your site. For example, thisisyourdomainname.com. There can be different types of domain names, with “.com”, “.info”, “.org”, etc.

It is recommended that you buy a “.com” domain name because it is the most professional one. However, in Nepal, you can get the “.com.np” domain name as well. You can get it for free here. In the long term, having a good domain name for your blog will be a great advantage in terms of professionalism, SEO, and monetization.

Similarly, you must also purchase good web hosting for your blog. Not having good web hosting can affect the speed and performance of your website. So, make sure you get good web hosting for your blog.

You can buy the domain name and web hosting from AGM Web Hosting Nepal here. (Disclaimer: This is an affiliate link.)

2. Not Using a Proper Design

Your blog should look good so that readers are attracted to it. If your blog has a terrible design, people might not want to read it even though your content is good.

If you are using WordPress, make sure you use a proper theme for your blog. Your theme should not only look good, but it should also be responsive, which means it should be device-friendly.

You should also have proper menus in the header and footer for easy navigation. An attractive logo would also be nice.

Do some research to find out which themes are good. If you are not sure, use trial and error to find the best one. You can also search for “popular” themes in WordPress.

It is preferable to use paid themes instead of free ones. Paid themes are more flexible to use and have a lot of different features as well.

3. Low-Quality Content

Creating low-quality content on your blog is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

What is low-quality content?

  • Articles with incorrect grammar
  • Articles that are not formatted properly – paragraphs, headings, bullets/numberings, etc.
  • Low-value content
  • Short articles
  • Not using images

How to create high-quality content?

Make sure you write good articles on your blog. If you do not know how to write good articles, learn it. Your grammar and structure should be neat. Make sure you edit properly before publishing your articles.

Divide your articles into more short paragraphs rather than fewer long paragraphs. Use proper headlines, bullets/numberings, images, etc.

Write articles that are at least 800-1200 words. It is better if you do keyword research so that your articles will rank better on search engines.

Your first article might not be good. But, you need to keep improving and writing more.

4. Inconsistency

You have to create content consistently. Write more articles. Post more often. Don’t just write a few articles and disappear for a month.

Becoming consistent will not only help your blog to increase more audience, but it will also help you improve your blog.

If you write articles consistently, your writing will improve. You will also learn about designs, tools, and other features of blogging.

Your blog will become better if you are consistently making improvements. So make more content, post more often, and most importantly, be a consistent learner.

5. Not Sharing Your Content

Creating content and not sharing them will not bring traffic to your blog. It will not be a successful blog. You need to share your work with other people.

Most new bloggers think that they will get traffic organically. It is very tough. Even if you share your content, you should not expect much growth right away.

The best way to share content is on social media. It is free and it is easy. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Reddit, and Pinterest are some of the popular social media sites where you need to share your content.

Make sure you use more hashtags related to your content while sharing on social media. But don’t use random hashtags that are not relatable, just to get more views.

Do not use paid advertisement strategies if you are a new blogger. It doesn’t work. Yes, you will get views but they will vanish once your ad stops. Focus on free sharing platforms and use SEO techniques to attract organic traffic.

6. Not Building an Email List

This is one of the biggest mistakes that new bloggers make. You have to build an email list right from the beginning. Having an email list will help you convert your readers into customers/followers.

Suppose a reader visits your blog through a search engine. She reads one of your articles and likes it. Maybe she even shares it. But once she leaves your site, she might forget about it. If you had asked for her email when she had visited your site, you could have sent other articles to her which she might have liked and shared as well.

If you plan on selling digital products like ebooks through your blog, having an email list will be a huge advantage.

Even if you have just started a blog, you need to start collecting emails from your visitors.

You can use email-list-building tools like Mailchimp, Convertkit, Sendinblue, Convertful, etc.

7. Starting A Blog Just To Earn Money

People might have different purposes to start a blog. If your’s is to make money, then stop. Don’t do it.

One of the most asked questions by wanna-be-bloggers in Nepal is: How to make money blogging in Nepal?

Blogging should be a passion. If you don’t love it, you won’t succeed as a blogger. Making money blogging in Nepal is very difficult.

Focus on creating high-quality content. Your content should solve people’s problems. You should give them a reason to read your articles and visit your blog.

Yes, you can definitely make money blogging in Nepal. But money is the outcome of hard work, persistence, and patience.

Don’t start a blog with the purpose of making money.


If you are starting a blog, make sure that you learn how to do it properly. Use free platforms if you do not know anything at all. If you are serious about blogging, you must invest in a good domain name and web hosting. Use a proper theme for your blog. It should look attractive and it should be easy to use. Create high-quality content on your blog and post them consistently. Share your content on social media. Take feedback and focus on improving your blog. Building an email list is very very important. It will allow visitors to consistently be updated with your content. Lastly, don’t start a blog if your purpose is to make money. Instead, focus on making good content for the readers.

We hope this article was helpful to the new bloggers as well as the old ones. Please leave a comment below for any queries, feedback, and suggestions.

Happy blogging!


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