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About Nepali Date Converter

Nepali date converter allows you to convert English dates (in Anno Domini, A.D.) to Nepali dates (in Bikram Sambat, B.S.), and vice versa. This tool can convert the date range of 2000 B.S. to 2089 B.S. (1944 A.D. to 2033 A.D.).

It is useful to convert the dates of your date of birth, citizenship/passport issue dates, license dates, document dates, and so on. This tool is an English to Nepali date converter, and also a Nepali to English date converter.

We have also included the Nepali language to select the Nepali dates in this tool. It will be useful to convert BS to AD and AD to BS. You will need this date conversion tool when you have to fill up forms and for other official purposes.

We have tried to make the tool as simple as possible. For example, if you want to convert any Nepali date to English, you must first select the Nepali year, month, and day. Then, click on the “TO ENG DATE” button. The tool will provide you the respective English date in YYYY-MM-DD format.

Similarly, if you want to convert any English date to Nepali, you must select the English year, month, and day. Then, click on the “TO NEP DATE” button. The tool will show you the respective Nepali date in the same format.

We have also provided today’s date—both English and Nepali format—in the tool. You can use it as a reference as per your need.

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