8 Reasons Why Nepali Bloggers Should Write Articles On Medium

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Nepali bloggers often seek article writing and content writing jobs in Nepal. While it is okay to look for them, it is essential to show your work and writing on multiple platforms.

Content writing is the type of job requiring some prior writing experience. No company will hire you if you have never written anything before. It basically means that you need to build a writing portfolio.

Where do you build a writing portfolio? The first thing that comes to most writers is starting a blog.

You can write articles and show your work if you have a blog. But, it can take a lot of time to grow your blog and build yourself as a writer.

That is why you need to write on a platform where people can see your work and help you establish a better writing career.

What is Medium?

Medium is a writing platform that allows you to read, write, and connect with other writers. You can start a blog on Medium for free and write as many articles as you want.

Many top writers, bloggers, and best-selling authors write on Medium. You can find articles and stories on every topic. Further, there are thousands of writers from all over the world who write on this platform.

Medium is a writing community. So, it is a place where you can connect with other writers from all around the world.

Moreover, writers can earn money by writing on Medium. They need to join its Partner Program to do so. However, as of this writing, Medium does not support Nepal as an eligible country for its Partner Program. So, writers geographically located in Nepal cannot earn money from writing on the platform.


That does not mean Nepali writers should avoid writing on Medium.

We will tell you the reasons in this article.

Why writers from Nepal should consider article writing on Medium?

If you are a writer or blogger from Nepal, below are eight reasons to write on Medium.com.

1. Get discovered as a writer

Medium is a great platform to get discovered as a writer. It has millions of views every single day. Your personal blog will never have as much traffic as Medium does. So, if you want people to read your work, writing on Medium is a good idea.

You can also find international readers to engage with your content. As we said, Medium allows you to write on any topic. There are no limitations. You can write about whatever you want on this platform.

Moreover, Medium has several publications that post stories from writers. You can send your work to these publications and get your articles published. This will get more views and engagements in your articles.

2. Connect with other writers

Medium is a great place to connect with readers and writers. You can follow writers, subscribe to their email list, and read their work.

Furthermore, you can receive feedback on your work from other writers. It can help you become a better writer.

There are some excellent writers on Medium. So, you have the opportunity to learn from them. You can connect with them outside of Medium and grow your writing potential.

Moreover, many writers also have courses, ebooks, podcasts, etc., that can be helpful to you.

3. Writing habits

Writing on Medium can help you develop a consistent writing habit. It is a place you can find inspiration and motivation.

On Medium, some writers publish every single day. Learning and watching their work can be a great source of inspiration.

You can enhance your writing career by building good habits.

To become a good writer or blogger, you must have a routine. Publishing on Medium will be a great way to create good writing habits.

4. Find writing inspiration

Medium is an excellent place to find ideas and inspiration.

Bloggers need good content ideas. There are many ways to find writing inspiration. One of them is by consuming content—reading, watching videos, listening to podcasts, etc.

Medium is a sea of content. You will find stories from people on every topic. So, if you read these stories, they can be a good source of inspiration. You can write your stories by adding your viewpoint to others’ stories.

Furthermore, as we said before, inspiration can also come by following others’ work. When you see writers publishing constantly, you will also want to do that.

5. Build a writing portfolio

Your blog can be an excellent place to showcase your work to others. However, it cannot prove that you are good at what you do.

On the other hand, Medium is an open platform where you can prove your worth. In today’s world, numbers matter. When you have a good following on Medium, it can show that you are good at what you do.

Furthermore, people can see the claps (likes) and responses to your stories. If you have a good engagement, this will also prove that you are a good writer.

Therefore, when you seek article writing or freelance writing jobs, your Medium profile could be your resume.

6. Get feedback

Based on people’s responses to your stories, you can analyze whether you are doing a good job or not. If you are not getting a good response, it means you need to work harder on your writing. It can also show you where need improvements.

Conversely, if you are getting a good response, it means you are a good writer, and your stories impact people.

7. Get traffic to your blog

Medium can help you get more traffic to your blog.

As we said, Medium has millions of views per day. So, if you can write engaging articles, you can drive the traffic from Medium to your blog.


Your Medium stories can link to your blog, articles, newsletter, or whatever you want. When someone reads your story on Medium, they will see the link, click on it, and visit your website.

8. Earn money

Even though Medium does not support Nepal for its Partner Program, you can still earn money from the platform.

As we said before, you can link to your website, newsletter, or products through Medium stories. So, if you have a digital product—like an eBook (for instance)—you can link to it. This will help you sell your eBook to the readers.

Similarly, if you have a good writing portfolio on Medium, you can get clients to notice your work. You will have a better chance to get article writing or freelancing jobs through Medium.

Another way to earn money from Medium is by affiliate marketing. You can sign up for affiliate programs and write articles about them on Medium. If people buy products and services through your referral, you will earn a commission through the program. (Learn more about affiliate marketing here.)

What to write on Medium?

Okay, so you have decided to write articles on Medium now. But you have no clue what to write about. You might wonder:

  • Do I write different articles on Medium?
  • Do I have to research keywords and focus on SEO?

The simplest thing to do is re-write your articles from your blog to Medium. If you have been writing articles on your blog or other platforms previously, you can simply copy-and-paste your articles on Medium. It will not affect your blog traffic or SEO in any way.

On the other hand, if you have not written anything before or do not have a blog yet, you can begin writing about whatever you like on Medium. Then, you can re-write it on your blog later.


The demand for content writing and article writing in Nepal is increasing. Furthermore, we also have many growing bloggers. But the sad part is that writers in Nepal have a hard time making a good income online.

Medium does not pay writers from Nepal. Yet, it is a great platform to show your work. Writing on Medium helps you:

  • get discovered as a writer,
  • connect with others,
  • build a good writing habit,
  • find writing inspiration,
  • create a writing portfolio.
  • get feedback,
  • get traffic to your blog, and
  • earn money.

So, if you are a writer from Nepal and haven’t written anything on Medium yet, you are missing out on great opportunities.

Join Medium today and start writing.

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