50 Blog Ideas For Nepali Bloggers

50 blog ideas for nepali bloggers to achieve success blogging in Nepal

Blogging in Nepal has become popular. Many bloggers are doing really well—creating good content and earning money from blogging.

The number of aspiring bloggers has also grown. Young bloggers are emerging. Companies and businesses in Nepal have started writing articles and stories to promote their products or service.

Blogging has also become a significant part of digital marketing in Nepal. It is the best form of content marketing for companies and businesses.

With today’s internet trends, blogging helps to express, educate, and earn.

But most aspiring bloggers are still struggling with setting up a successful blog. Their main concern is: What do we blog about?

Coming up with blog ideas and topics is not easy. Deciding your blog’s niche is a significant part of blogging. It can determine the level of success you will achieve by blogging.

Don’t know what to blog about? Here are 50 blog ideas for Nepali bloggers.

The following blog ideas are among the popular ones in 2021. These blog niches have high demand and high earning potential.

  1. Personal development (productivity, habits, motivation, etc.)
  2. Fashion and style tips
  3. Health and fitness
  4. Lifestyle (interests, hobbies, and other day-to-day activities)
  5. Photography
  6. Cooking (food and recipes)
  7. News and trends
  8. Personal finance (investing, saving, money management, etc.)
  9. Digital marketing (SEO, content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, etc.)
  10. Entrepreneurship and startup guide
  11. Side hustles
  12. Indoor plants
  13. Tech reviews (smartphones, laptops, tablets, TVs, and other gadgets)
  14. Travel and tourism (places to visit, find good food, and enjoy good ambiance)
  15. Communication and negotiation skills (in business and life)
  16. Programming tutorials
  17. DIY stuff (self-made products for daily life)
  18. Blogging tips
  19. Website design and development
  20. Graphic designing
  21. Writing tutorials (how to write articles, letters, applications, proposals, etc.)
  22. Freelancing guides
  23. Tech tips and hacks (For example, fix errors on phones/laptops, social media hacks, how to make TikTok videos, etc.)
  24. Upcoming events and news
  25. Celebrity news
  26. Film industry news
  27. Stock market (news, analysis, tips, etc.)
  28. Gaming
  29. Relationships and dating tips
  30. Education and career advice (schools, colleges, courses, latest educational news, etc.)
  31. Study hacks and tips/tricks
  32. Meditation, mindfulness, and mental health
  33. Beauty tips and makeup
  34. Drawings and art (similar to a photography blog)
  35. Music (sharing and tutoring)
  36. Videography and filmmaking
  37. Interior designing
  38. Nepali movie and TV show reviews
  39. Governmental-work guide (For example, renewing a driving license, registering a company, paying bills, etc.)
  40. Event management
  41. Sustainable energy
  42. Personal life tracking
  43. Farming and vegetation
  44. Pet care
  45. Food and restaurant reviews
  46. Teaching the Nepali language
  47. Passive and online income ideas
  48. Personal work portfolio (like an online CV)
  49. “How to” guides
  50. The Nepali culture


Starting a blog is only a matter of minutes. Anyone can do it. But what makes a blog stand out is the quality of content.

It starts with an idea. You should ask these two questions when choosing your blog idea:

  1. Is it something that I am interested in?
  2. Can it help other people make their lives better?

Your blog should help other people. Only then can you achieve success as a blogger.

So go on. We have given you 50 blog ideas. Select an idea of your interest and ask whether it will help other people.

Once you find the right idea, you need to start a blog, make quality content, promote your content, and stay persistent.

You will surely achieve success blogging in Nepal.


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