How To Earn Passive Income In Nepal Effortlessly With Honeygain

Passive income in Nepal with honeygain

Making passive income in Nepal is not easy compared to other developed countries. We still lack many online-earning sources.

Many people are curious as to how they can earn money online in Nepal. With the increase in internet availability in our country, there is a growing number of people wanting to make money online from home.

Earning money online can be either active or passive. Active income is something that you must work for. It is like an online job. So, most freelancing websites like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer are examples of active online income.

On the other hand, passive income is something that you work for once and get paid continuously even when you are not actively working on it. For example, a blog, YouTube channel, and affiliate marketing are passive income sources in Nepal.

In this article, we will be sharing one of the easiest ways to make passive income online in Nepal. But first, let us know more about passive income.

What is Passive Income?

Passive income is an income where you do not have to work for something actively. Instead, you get paid in recurring amounts for something you have created.

For example, when you write a blog post and monetize it with ads, you will get paid every time a reader clicks on the ads. Even if you had written the blog post 10 years ago, you could earn money off it. Similarly, YouTube also pays you for every video you make—old and new. Your job is to create a video and publish it on YouTube. Then, you can make money while you sleep.

However, passive income does not mean that you do not have to work at all. Instead, it can take a long time to set up a stream of passive income. In active income, you get paid for trading your time for money. But, in passive income, there is no limit of time.

How can you earn money with passive income in Nepal?

As we said, making passive income in Nepal is not easy. But, it is not impossible. Many creators in Nepal make a living off their passive income sources.

1. YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular sources of passive income for Nepali creators. Depending on the number of subscribers on YouTube, they can easily earn $100 – $500 per month in passive income.

2. Blog

Blogging is another form of passive income that is famous in Nepal. Bloggers are paid for creating content and driving traffic to their websites. They monetize their blog with advertising programs like Google Adsense. So, they earn good money in passive income from their blogs.

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3. Affiliate Marketing

Creators like bloggers, YouTubers, and influencers can also earn passive income through affiliate marketing. Although affiliate marketing is not very common in Nepal, you can make some extra income from it. It is one of the easiest ways to make passive income. You only have to promote products or services of other companies. Then, for every sale you can make, you will earn a commission.

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4. Selling digital products

Selling digital products like ebooks, apps, courses, music, etc., is also a good form of passive income. However, it is easier said than done. There are no accessible platforms that support selling such products online in Nepal. Even if you go with international platforms, there are many country restrictions and other issues for Nepali creators.

Make Passive Income Effortlessly With Honeygain

Honeygain is an internet-sharing app that pays its users. You just have to set up the app and then run it in the background while using the internet on your devices. According to its website:

Honeygain is the first-ever app that allows its users to make money online by sharing their Internet connection.

Your Honeygain earnings depend on the amount of traffic you share. If you are someone who uses a lot of internet during the day, this app is perfect for you to make some extra dollars.

Steps to set up Honeygain and earn money

Follow the five steps to install Honeygain and earn money:

use honeygain to make passive income
  1. Download the app: You can install Honeygain on Windows, Linux, macOS, or Android devices. All you need is a good internet connection.
    (You can download the app from Honeygain’s website or use this link and earn $5 worth of credit immediately.)
  2. Run the app: After you have joined Honeygain, you just have to run the app and share your internet connection. Don’t worry; Honeygain will not have access to your personal data.
  3. Let it gather: Honeygain has access to your shared internet connection. So it will collect information bits that you have shared publicly.
  4. Help businesses: Honeygain allows companies to use your shared data for web statistics, price comparisons, and other purposes.
  5. Get paid: Honeygain will pay you every day for sharing your internet connection. Therefore, you will be collecting credits every day. For every 1,000 credit points you collect, you will earn $1. When your total credit reaches 20,000 (i.e., $20), you can request a payout and receive the money.

Affiliate Marketing with Honeygain

You can earn money from Honeygain by sharing the app with your friends too. It is a form of affiliate marketing.

When you create an account on Honeygain, it provides you a referral link to ask your friends to join the app. If your friends join the app through your link, Honeygain will pay you every day from your friends’ earnings. For example, suppose you invite 50 people through your link. You will earn 10% from each of their daily earnings.

What is exciting about referring to your friends is that they get paid $5 worth of credit immediately after joining from your link.



Even though earning passive income in Nepal is difficult, you must not stop creating. If you love blogging or making videos, you should keep doing them. You will find many ways of making money online.

Do not limit yourself to making passive income only through ads. Research more ways to earn online. In Nepal, affiliate marketing and selling digital products are not very common. So, most creators either start a YouTube channel or a blog. But still, it is not easy to make passive income with these methods. Why?

Because you need 1000 subscribers or 4 hours of watch time to be eligible to monetize your youtube videos. In the case of blogging, you need to set up an advertisement program like Google Adsense and then drive traffic to your website.

But, as we said, keep doing what you love doing. Don’t let the lack of online income sources demotivate you from creating more. If you are persistent, you will find many ways to earn money online in Nepal. Furthermore, you will have the upper hand when Nepal also has good online earning sources.


1. How to earn passive income in Nepal from home?

There are many ways to earn passive income from home. The most common and easiest ways are by starting a blog or creating YouTube videos. You can monetize both these platforms and make money online. First, however, you must have skills in blogging and video-making. You should work hard and create an audience. Only then can you earn passive income recurringly.

Other methods include affiliate marketing and selling digital products.

2. How to earn money online in Nepal?

Develop some skills. There are two ways of earning money online in Nepal: active and passive. Active income includes freelancing—by providing service to clients and getting paid for that service. Nepal’s most common freelancing services are content writing, graphic designing, video editing, and web development.

Passive income includes creating some online content and monetizing it. For example, starting a blog, making videos on YouTube, affiliate marketing, creating digital products, selling them online, etc.

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